CLASS 10 | June 1st

Welcome to Class #10.

Agenda for today:
• Engagement exercise
• Show and tell: Eileen
• Assignment #8 Review
• Dakota visit
• Typography Part II
• Helvetica the film
• Assignment # 9 brief
• Reading V

Assignment #8 Review

Classify the fonts: what era or classification they belong to: serif, san serif, humanist etc. Why?

Typography Part II

Terms and descriptions

Legibility: How well an audience can access the information through ease of reading, the quality of being clear enough to read.

Hierarchy: a system or organization of elements and content that clearly place value according to rank/order of importance

Ornaments: embellishments and/or flourishes that exists either within a font or are complete fonts of their own.

A reference for ornamental fonts

More ornaments within fonts

Reading V:
In two groups, each read one of the articles below.
In your group discuss your article and decide on 4 key points to share with the other group.

Then get together as a larger group and compose a clear poster that shares the key info you have collectively agreed are the core factors to effective typography.

It’s about Legibility

Typographic Hierarchy


Type as Image masters

Jessica Hische

Timothy Goodman

Dana Tanamachi

Lets watch the first 15min of HELVETICA

Helvetica Film: Here is the trailer

TO DO’s | For Next class Due 1pm Tuesday June 6th.

• Assignment #9
Font as image
• Select a word or short phrase.
• Design and render a composition on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Give yourself a 2″ white border.
• You may use any tools or mediums to effectively create an engaging image with the word(s) you have chosen.
• Your design should creatively and expressively communicate the meaning and associations of the word(s).
• Carefully consider the hierarchy of the words, legibility, readability and the form of the letters to best convey the message of the words.
• Look to other type designers, different fonts and ornaments for inspiration:-)

• Take a photo of this rendering and post it to the class blog as Assignment #9
• Bring this rendering to class on Tuesday.