CLASS 11 | June 6th

Hello everyone,

Todays “Vital self care day” for all of us, does include a few key tasks that ensure full effect!
Taking care of our bodies and minds help us be our best selves, both personally and professionally. Also, one often finds the most inspiration and motivation from the unexpected experiences and observations we acquire while NOT WORKING. These experiences are proven to be vital to a thriving creative practice:-)

This is your Assignment #10:

  1. Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Take some time to be present with nature in whatever way feels GOOD for you.
  2. This may include exploring something new or seeking out inspiration from a new source: visit a new place, space or person. Read a book, try out a new experience, craft, skill, or revisit an old one.
  3. Afterwards, consider how this may effect/is effecting your creativity and post a 200+ word “report” on the class blog, with an accompanying photo/image/illustration that documents/shares your “self care” experience.
  4. Bring your findings to class on Thursday.
  5. Read THIS ARTICLE for inspiration

There is a few bits and Bobs that need rearranging to ensure we cover all that is planned for the course, so heres the updated schedule:

• Class #12 | Thursday June 8th
– 12:45pm  Stephanie meeting with me

1pm- 4pm (class will be the full 3 hrs.)
– Noriko will do her Show & Tell
– Review Assignment #9 and #10
– We will cover grids and layout
– I’ll share the brief for Assignment #11 and Reading IV
– “Ticket out the door”: remaining Q’s and areas/topic of interest to cover Class# 13

– 4pm Pam meeting with me

• Class #13 |Tuesday June 13th (our last class in person)
– 12:30pm Alex meeting with me
– 12:45pm Noriko meeting with me

1pm- 3:45pm 
– Alex will do her Show & Tell
– Review Assignment #11
– We will cover tools, production and presentation and practice topics and questions as provided by you in the “ticket out the door”
– Quiz content review
– I’ll share the brief for Assignment #12

TO DO’s | For Next class Due 1pm Thursday June 8th.

• Assignment #10

• Noriko prep for Show & tell

See you all Thursday. Have a wonderful, inspiring and nourishing day!