Class 14 | June 15th

Hello all.

Welcome to the final class for ARTG100 Visual Design Primer.


Your final Quiz is found HERE

It is a short 30-45min online open book test. You may consult your notes and the material provided in class.
This quiz contributes to your class participation and professionalism grade equally.


Please also fill out this survey HERE. It offers you the opportunity to share with me your experiences in this course, the areas that need improvement and the areas that you felt worked well. Thank you so much for your time on this…it helps me immensely to gain a deeper understanding on how best to meet your needs.:-)


Assignment #12 | For Tuesday June 20th 9am. 
Conceptualize, design and produce a piece for print. It can be a brochure, poster, flyer/hand bill, rack card or magazine article.

Your piece should be based on any content presented in class. This is a “promo” for the ARTG100 Design Primer.
Use either a computer or render it by hand.

– Carefully conceptualize and plan your design first with several “thumbnail” sketches.
– Establish and create a grid structure for your layout
– Collect and curate the content you want to feature: text and images (can be renderings, photos etc.)
– Choose your format and size
– Carefully consider and define the colour palette, font and aesthetic style.
– Create on a computer in whatever software works for you, or compose using prints, photocopying and pasting etc.

Your blog post should include:
– 4 thumbnail sketches of your design concept and layout including grid ideas
– 2 photos of your final piece: one complete, one close up
– 200+ words describing the concept behind your design piece (speak to audience and chosen content), the reasoning behind your chosen format and size, and the rationale for the aesthetic approach and style.

Following the submission of this final Assignment on Tuesday June 20th, within the day I will send you all a quick message to share with you specific areas and assignments you can work on to improve your grades.
NOTE: you will have until Friday June 23rd 9am
to complete the final updates to your blog to improve your grade.

It has been a pleasure experiencing the last 7 weeks with you!
I look forward to hearing about your journey into design beyond this class and wish you all the best on your adventures. You can contact me anytime through e-mail:
Be well, be bold, shine bright and do work that fulfills your soul.
Till soon!