CLASS 8 | May 25th

Welcome to Class #8.

Agenda for today:
• Engagement exercise
• Assignment #6 Review
• Colour Theory
• Colour meaning
• Terms and descriptions
• Assignment # 7 brief
• Reading IV

• Assignment #6 review

Share feedback on each others assignments.

Today we are looking at colour theory and terminology as well as the meaning and associations linked to colour.

• Lets start with this Colour Theory Video

• Colour Meaning Exercise

• Terms and Descriptions


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
Used primarily in print media: through layers of ink in each colour, they overlap and combine to make all the other colours

Red, green and blue.
Used primarily in digital media/screen viewing: variations of these colours

Colour codes that translate CMYK and RGB colour values into computer code
Check this link out for more info and reference

Colour combinations and tools

A great reference for effective colour combinations

A colour palette tool from Adobe

Conversion tool

TO DO’s | For Next class Due 1pm Tuesday May 30th.

• Assignment #7
Using any materials and tools you like and applying all the information you have learned to date in this class, clearly communicate TWO of the following pairs of feelings, each on an 8.5″ x 11″ page.
• Conservative/Radical
• Sad/Happy
• Festive/Quiet
• Chaos/Tranquility
• Terror/Calm
• Anger/Joy
• Serious/Funny
• Depression/Elation
• Confusion/Certainty

Create one feeling on the left side and one on the right side using only abstract forms (NO REALISM OR RECOGNIZABLE FORMS OR SCENES PLEASE). You may incorporate texture and letters (no words) as shapes. Make effective use of colour, shape, white (or empty) space and design principles. The feeling you visually represent must be easy to interpret/identify and obvious. A professional result is expected.

• To recognize that different shapes, colours, shape manipulations, and shape arrangements suggest very different feelings
• To visually communicate feelings and emotions effectively using graphic forms, colour position and the design principles
• To demonstrate understanding of concepts learned to date

• Take photos of your designs and post to the class website
• Clearly label in the text of your blog post which designs represent which feelings.

• Reading IV
Please read the following articles as specified below.
Take notes and be prepared to share your takeaways for next class.

PAM and NORIKO: – Basic colour theory
AMBER AND ALEX: – Colour and usability matters 
QUINN AND STEPHANY: – Colour Systems: CMYK and RGB and What every marketer needs to know about colour

EILEEN, please read any article of your choosing

PLEASE NOTE: Next class Tuesday May 30th is ONLINE