CLASS 9 | May 30th

Welcome to Class #9

To complete for this online class:
• Reading IV Summary
• Assignment #7 feedback 
• Todays content on Typography
• Assignment #8
• Eileen prepare for *Show & Tell Presentation
(Optional) Listen to any Podcast from TYPE RADIO

FYI: It appears that this blog platform has a shortcoming; we are restricted to uploading only up to 150MB of content.
I’m working on figuring out a solution to this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!


Please type directly into the google doc and add 4 bullet points that share your key take aways/learnings from your assigned Reading IV.

Please also take time to read the others summaries.


Assignment #7 Feedback

Look through your classmates work for Assignment #7 as published on this class blog. (or Facebook)

Provide feedback to ONE persons Assignment #7 as per the comment section below their post. (Please comment on a different person from last time)

• Share 2 points on what qualities, approaches and techniques you feel are engaging and effective and how their creation makes you FEEL.
• Share 2 points on what areas may need further development, are unclear or could be executed better
• Provide 1 suggestion for improvement

Typography Part I

Today we are getting up close and personal with Typography!

Since I am unable to load up lots of images/slides to my posts at the mo, I’ve added several links below to a collection of great videos that will give you the low down and then some:-)

Lets start with a little background to get a base on THE HISTORY OF TYPE

To provide you with a simple, clear and easy to follow intro please WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Next, watch this video on TYPE ANATOMY to better understand what makes up letterforms, their characteristics and how they are positioned together and on a line.

Here are a couple other great resources that share some in depth info on typography anatomy and classification:

Anatomy cheat sheet

• The Periodic Table of Typefaces

Some great font sites to explore different varieties, whats hot and who designs great fonts:




Assignment #8

If you find you are still not able to upload images to the media page, please post your Assignment on the Facebook page. Thanks:-)

Type Bio
• Choose a font you have fallen “in love” with.
It can be something you find physically in your environment (on a sign, newspaper, magazine, book, ad etc.) or a font you have chosen from a web site or through a design software program.

• Choose ONE word (not the name of the font) that you think embodies this typeface and speaks to its personality (max 8 letters) and render that word in this font on an 8.5″ x 11 sheet.
– Include upper and lowercase characters
– Each letters x-height should be 1.5″
– Render your word in dark lead pencil or black fine tip marker, and ONE colour to highlight body parts etc.
– Render with precision and clarity; use a ruler.

• In your rendering include atleast 4 clear labels that identify different parts of this fonts’ anatomy.

• Include: the baseline and x-height.

• Take a photo of this rendering and post it to the class blog/facebook
• Include the given name of the font and the year it was designed and by whom.
• Bring this rendering to class on Thursday.

Any questions, please post them to the Facebook page and/or e-mail me.
Have a great week till I see you all on Thursday June 1st in class at 1pm.