*Show & Tell

The first half hour of certain classes will consist of a “knowledge share” presentation of student’s independent/individual research into Visual Design.
This may include sharing:
• books
• articles
• websites/social media
• short films
• physical examples/case studies
• interviews, podcasts
• personal experiences.
*Show & Tell content must be related to the material and projects in this course.

Each student has been allocated a day at which they will  present as listed below.


TUESDAY MAY 16th: Quinne

TUESDAY MAY 23rd: Stephanie and Amber

THURSDAY JUNE 1st: Eileen 

THURSDAY JUNE 8th: Noriko and Alex


• IMAGES: 1-3 images of chosen article or resource. Choose one to post as your featured image.
• TEXT: Accompanying 350 word descriptive/report referencing the images that document your favourite takeaways, key points of interest and/or value to your practice. Please include relative URLs and credits. Please type this directly into your blog post.
• Post under the *Show & Tell category on your blog
• PRESENTATION: Share your *Show & Tell with the class in a concise and prepared 2min.