Participants will engage as spect-actors in this experiential exploration of socio-political drama that features the Rainbow of Desire technique developed by famed theatre activist Augusto Boal. We will play theatre games and create together an interactive, image-based theatre scene that inspires reflection and dialogue on topics of conflict transformation, communication, and diverse social issues. Students in this winter’s Directed Studies course will share their research and reflections on experiential learning in Theatre of the Oppressed projects in the community; they will report on how participants in the Cowichan Intercultural Society series, Khowhemun Elementary School project, and VIU classroom workshops responded to sculpture-theatre methodologies, and inspire Symposium attendees to likewise take part in a spontaneous, collaborative drama process.

Project Lead: Eliza Gardiner

Student Participants:

Taryn Brebant
Capri Kodric
Adaline Russell