My academic methodology of this course is not only to record basic data of me playing video games, furthermore I want to find out more about myself and the game itself. To accomplish that, I will record data of the following things:

  • Game, duration
  • Interaction with other players
  • Addiction level (how much I am into this game)
    • 1 to 10. One is “I just played without any addiction to it”. Ten is “I forgot everything around me”.
  • Personal emotions while playing
  • Thoughts & Feelings before and after playing
Breaking down the data within a visual graphic

For now, these are the things I will record every week about the video game I played. I might add additional data here throughout the process.

I really want to understand the effects and consequences of playing a video game, and I really want to get a deeper sense of the relationship of me and the game.



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