A real game

This week I did not a play a real video game. Some sort of, the game I played this week was too real to be a video game, it was a game in real life. A traveled to Alaska. I was dreaming about Alaska for ten years, and now the challenge in that sort of game was to find out, whether Alaska fulfills me the way I expected. Moreover, other challenges were completing different tasks like various flights I had to take, buses and rental cars, hiking mountains, hiking through the snow, staying alive in the wilderness. Being at the airport right now to get the last flight back to university, I have to say, that I completed all challenges. Yet the question of personal fulfillment in Alaska cannot be answered.

While I was staying in a rustic lodge in Northern Alaska, being the only tourist over there, I was thinking of life right now. Do I complete the challenges, life gives me each day? Do I not only complete,  but rather be good at completing all those tasks in everyday’s life? I was thinking, and thinking, and thinking. The life game was very hard to answer.

I do my best. That’s for sure. But giving my best does not mean I never fail. There is no respawn in real life, so I have to stay alive, no matter what. But staying alive can be seen from different angles. Either to just stay alive, going through life by accepting all given circumstances. Or to stay alive the best possible way, enhancing the experience of life every single day and trying to not only complete all required tasks, but also all optional fun tasks, that enriches life.

Such like traveling to Alaska. This travel game enriches my life, and I had to do it. Otherwise I never could have find out, if Alaska is the same as it is in my dreams. Its the same like a playing a video game. You only can find out if the game is as you expected it to be by playing it. Some things in life can just be conquered by going or playing through it.

Now, every game has it’s positive and negative aspects. For example in a game, that gives you options instead of being linear, forcing you to weigh up options and then to decide for a certain path, you might choose a path, which makes you wonder, if the other path probably would have been the better choice. But at the end both, real life and a video game, give you the freedom to also explore the other path afterwards. So what I am thinking of is, that going alone, just by myself, to Alaska, into this vast infinite beauty of wilderness, might been the path, that I should not have gone alone. Maybe I should have selected the multiplayer mode for that real life game, so I could have said afterwards, that Alaska was better than expected. But for now, the vast beauty of Alaska amazed me in a way, that I have expected. But not more.

Isn’t that always the case? The multiplayer mode is much more addictive. I’ll keep that in mind for my next travels.

Until next time,


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