How to Reduce Student Stress

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For my final post sharing about “Stress in the Classroom”, I thought it would make the most sense to talk about how to help students and reduce their stress. These is a lot of ways to do it in the classroom setting, but unfortunately there are things that only the parents can do. This can be a good or bad thing because the parent may not be as involved as they should be in their child’s well-being. In the link below there is tips for teachers, parents, and students to help students relieve stress. However, because we are focusing on what we can do I am going to be sharing some things that I believe are important for us to do as teachers.

Some of the ideas that I agree with the most are:

  • “Keep kids moving- No matter how old students are they can benefit from moving around the room, working at “stations,” taking stretching breaks, etc.
  • Play music- Studies show music helps people relax and focus. Classical music is great for the classroom and can serve as a model for students when they study at home.
  • Listen- Talking about issues bothering students doesn’t have to take up a lot of instructional time. Even five minutes going over concerns, writing them on the board and addressing them later can help students put them aside.”

After that it shows three activities that teachers can facilitate to help students relieve stress:

  1. Brush It Off!
  2. Leave it at the door
  3. Me the tree

In my opinion I really like “Leave it at the door” because it gives the students a good visual of riding themselves of their stress. Even if it is just that, a visual.

I do recommend you guys read the whole article though to see what the parents could do as well as the students. To conclude, I really enjoyed learning and sharing about this topic and I hope that you all enjoyed and took something out of this you can take into your teaching profession.

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  1. Hi Jaime,
    I enjoyed your article, and can see this useful in my own classroom.
    Im looking forward to checking out your other research on reducing stress.

    1. Thank you Emily, I hope that this will be helpful for everyone because of how important the topic is.

  2. I also really like the leave it at the door, its like whatever has happened outside of the classroom, stays outside of the classroom. I agree with the music playing! My sponsor teacher last year would always have peaceful music on and I think the kids really benefited from that.

    1. That is a really good idea to have calm music playing all the time. I feel like I would do that in my classroom even if it was only beneficial to me.

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