Home Story 1971

I played another puzzle game.

This game has so sad and nice story.

I (Jamie) have to find some puzzle to make it out.

I had to search something from  anywhere of whole house.

What I had to find was


These torn parts of picture.

In this story, Jamie and Jack were a good siblings, but unfortunately Jack died.

So the family lost their energy and happiness. And Jamie just starts to make the puzzle and open the Jack’s locked door.

She misses her brother so much.

This is what I found from the loft, the newspaper that  7-year-old boy(Maybe Jack) has drowned.. So sad :'(


The last piece of picture has fallen down from the clock

If I match the time 2:40. Maybe it means the time when Jack died,

and family’s time has stopped there.

Sooo sadddd 😢😭😭

And when the pieces are all gathered, and fix with the tape,

Jamie gave it to her mom. And mom gave her a key, regretting to be indifferent to Jamie, in sadness.

The game was done. Unlocking the Jack’s door.


The puzzle finding process wasn’t that hard.

I could make it in few minutes.

But I was really impressed and moved to its narrative.

It’s really nice that a simple game can put this moving story in it.

I can feel it every time when I find out the puzzle.


It was impressive. I loved this game 👍🏻

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