We become what we behold

I played ‘We become what we behold’ game.

The title sounds philosophical.

And another interesting point is Marshall McLuhan, who is really familiar to the digital media studies student.

And this game is so profound and make me think about the responsibility of broadcasting and journalism.

As a Digital media and both journalism student, I was really impressed of the message of the game and couldn’t help covering this game.

Now it’s the review of the game.

At first, the world where circles and squares live together, was peaceful and normal.

The word ‘behold’ was represented as a TV broadcast.

If the TV broadcast a shot of hat-person (I understand it as an Opinion leader), people follow it.  (this is the critical point)


At first, even though I took several shots of circles and squares, nothing special happened.

 <- you see the caption “yo gotta catch’em doing *something* interesting” ? this is literally horrifying. 

But it was the start.

One single insane or drunken man (square) starts to yell at people and makes them afraid.

Some are frightened, and some are imitating him. Because they SAW the person who do like that.

And then one Square looks a bit irritated.

Now the squares and circles don’t look like they’re feelin good anymore.

They are all angry each other.

Because they saw the TV capturing circle is frightening squares, with the caption “CIRCLES HATE SQUARES”

and vice versa. I didn’t make a screenshot of it, there’s also a TV capturing “SQUARES HATE CIRCLES”

And now, this kind of coverage and belief drive them crazy, and aggravate the  mutual abhorrence.

And then a one with a hat (opinion leader) appears, and shoots the person.

All the people are horrified

But you see? now the appearance of ‘shooting person’ was captured

Everyone tries to pull the trigger to each other, not even noticing what are they doing.

All I could see was a reasonless holocaust.

Even I don’t know what makes the situation like this.


And last, the monitor is zoomed out, and visualize that I am no longer belong to the game’s world, but a spectator and both controller.


The last scene implies that ‘I’m the one who make the disaster with my own hand, with my laptop’

And you know what? the caption that comes out when I captured something trivial and not stimulating : “yo gotta catch’em doing *something* interesting”


The caption makes me to catch something more and more stimulative, violent, and striking. Because they react to *something interesting*


Maybe the one who appears as a opinion leader, shoot the person, and also direct me to capture something is a same person. Who is represented as a POWER, the AUTHORITY.

It’s a fearful thing to be a ignorant slave of the news from the power has made.

We have to be aware, not to be the exact thing that McLuhan and the game is warning,

“We become what we behold”


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