Castle Woodwarf

I like village-promoting game stuff, so I found it really interesting.

But it was not easy to maintain long.

There is three types of worker.

woodcutter, fisher, and collector.

Each workers have to maintain appropriate balance to keep its prosperity.

Main source is wood and fish.

Wood can be turn into the fuel to level up the workers or quality of sources.

And fish is the staple food of the dwarf. If fish runs out, it leads to a collapse of the whole civilization.

With handling all the resource and workers, I have to think deep to keep its optimal balance.


And another thing to consider was ‘the dragon’.

It’s just like a lifeline both guardian of the dwarf village.

It starts from the egg, and should be constantly upgraded as to protect the village from the enemies who get stronger and stronger.

Whatever I’ve done, every sequence usually ends with ‘ran out of fish’ occasion.

If there’s too many work uploaded, or too many workers are hired,

there should be affordable amount of fish.

But it runs out faster and faster.

So keeping sufficient fish was the key to longer prosperity.


The environment also can be developed.

At first, it starts with snowy weather. But it evolves to sunny weather -> rainy weather-> deeper pond. Which makes the resource more fertile.


In my third try, I found out that I could buy extra resources with the gems that I gathered during the game.

So I started with my doubled initial capital.

So I could make the village prosper twice longer.


The thing that I found out to maintain the village was

1)the most important thing is to keep the sufficient amount of fish(food)

-> if it runs out, regardless of the productivity, the civilization collapses.

2)second important thing is the ability of collector.

-> they have to be fast and affordable with larger number of resources.

Because they function to obtain the key resource for the survival.

3) all have to keep in balance.

-> numbers of worker don’t directly related to the prosperity of the village.

The more workers mean the more fish is needed. So it is not one-dimensional mechanism.

The key to maintain the village more qualified and longer, is the balance.

(+also care about the capacity of the dragon to meet stronger enemies)


I enjoyed it much, even it took a while to understand the optimal balance and I’m still learning…

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