Anti Chess

I played really creative game : Anti Chess!

As you can guess from the title of the game, it is anti-rule chess game.

The game goes like this. You can move your chess piece with the same rule from the original one, but the difference is : Not to kill the counterpart, but to kill my self.

It’s a Suicide Chess. The one who lose all of its piece wins.

Just switch the point of view from me to a counterpart. Originally, if I find something that I can attack, I should move it and kill it. But in this reversed game, I must be killed so I have to move my piece to where it can be attacked.

And in the occasion when my piece can attack the other, there’s no other way than go for it. So weird that I just killed too much of the opponent at first. Normally that means I win, but in this game it’s not.

And actually he was moving strategically to be killed by my pieces. Feeling strange, but within some trial and order I could figure out the strategy.

I put my brain to work :  “Think as if I am the opponent” And then I have to calculate the possible move to be attacked. So I made the situation that the opponent can’t help attacking my things! Just one move per one turn. So if he moved his piece to attack mine, that’s all done, even though it was compulsory.

It means if I keep permitting calculated suicide, the opponent should keep attacking. That was the strategy that I found. So I also have to think about how the next move would be.

Nevertheless it was a simple game, still I was so impressed that very little conceptual shift of the rule can make totally different game. I could enjoy it very much. I’ve once fallen into chess when I was 12 or something, and gave up when I felt bored of it because I played too much. But I feel obsession once again to this another version of chess game. Totally the same pieces and same predictable move, but quite different outcome! Sounds nonsense but enjoyable.

I highly appreciate this game.





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