Cube Escape : The Cave

I played ‘The Cave’

It was the escape game which I am really bad at it.

The whole theme and atmosphere was really creepy and It look like something really scary will happen at any moment.

The cave look like it has really creepy story in there, and many evidences are indicating the awful incident happened to one family.


There’s none of the detailed, specific direction to make it out.

All I had to do is finding the quest and put the puzzle together.

And also I had to find the right key and mission requested for.

It was all by myself.

Usually, if I felt so complicated with the game that I playing,

I looked up the solution or hint to find out the proper answer.

But in this game, I felt something

If I made the task properly, the sign turns out from the quest book,

and the light to escape that room turns on.

And when all the 4 lights are turn on, I could escape the room.


(This was one of the quest that I had to do, and it gross yuck
I was worried about this kind of situation would happen again. )


I did everything that I can do.

But there’s always the new task which seems so insoluble.

I always felt like ‘I can’t make it out this time anymore’

But I could do. This game made me confident, patient, and attempting.

I did not look up for the answer, and make out my own way.


There’s something similar game in Korea, which is played offline, ‘Room Escape’.

I’m actually really bad at it.

I always use the hint, and flutter about the room without making sense of the clues.

But with this game, I felt like I’m really enthusiastic with the problem solution, and felt more patient.


So I made out for the first room.

And I thought it was the end and I made it 🙂


But there was one more room which has different theme,

and I finally gave up.

I spent more than three days to make the whole things out.

It was my best to struggle with this.


This game’s theme is really unique and the atmosphere which I felt little bit scary and spooky, I really liked it.

Because it made me more immersed in. And I think this kind of element is essential to the game’s engagement.

I’ll keep trying to make the room escaped.

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