Reaper of the Undead

I played my first shooting game in game library.

This is quite straight forward, but that attribute made me so absorbed to this game.

Actually I’m not a big fan of shooting game, but it was easy to control

Especially the part that I liked most is ‘auto-aim’.

I was often having hard time with aiming the target during shooting, but it was so easy that all I did was pointing my direction, and it’s automatically went off.

Discovery 1 : When I am surrounded by dozens of zombie, I have to calmly change my direction because I easily get run out of ammo. When I have a corner, I have to circle around it with zombies heading to me. If I’m coming to the dead-end, it means literally dead end.

Discovery 2 : After one stage clear, I can choose one option of upgrade. There are options like : running speed, ammo capacity, health, protection, ammo penetration, damage, etc. And I found out the attribute to win the stage is ‘saving time’, no question to ask. How to save a time? The attributes like

; basically the speed such as running speed, reloading speed. And damage (which reduce one ammo for killing the zombie),  fire rate(reducing bullet shooting speed), ammo capacity (plus 4 bullets in ammo), and sometimes bullet penetration (able to kill multiple zombies with one shot)

Those are key primary factors to reinforce the character effectively. And other attributes like bullet power, restoration, protection is less necessary.


From second ground, new type of zombie who is fat and not easily get killed appears. It needs about 10 bullets to kill it, and when they die, they emit gross gas which also kills me. And from second stage, it was really hard to kill all the zombies with my capacity. So I easily get killed usually surrounded by zombies.

So that was my final score: Till stage 2-2.

I mostly like the whole game. This is kind of attractive and even addictive even its control and interface is quite simple. And I think the game’s simplicity sometimes arouse interest.

Just one thing that I didn’t like is – character is so easily get dead.

Just one single touch of zombie means dead, it’s too unfair.

It takes 3-4 bullets to kill the zombie. At least it can be little bit ran down with health, but one touch-one kill is too short.

Beside that, I like it so much that I played it more than 20 times.

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