The Halloween Hunt

I played Halloween Hunt, celebrating Halloween week!

The game graphic design was quite simple than I expected, and console was also not very complicated.

It was really straightforward RPG game which reminded me of Pokémon game(Nintendo, 1996, Gameboy).


My Character can obtain new skills and states when he got Halloween coins by battle.

Battle looks like this. Random monsters came out, and I have to fight with my character’s learned skills. To level up my adventure grade and be more powerful, I have to stack more money to buy some skills and stats, which need a lot amount of patience.

At my first few turns, I didn’t know where and when the monsters come out, so I just hung around randomly. But soon I knew that depends on my need, I can control the frequency of random battle. So when I need urgent money to boost up, I could manifest the frequency and gain money in a short time.

I liked this part because I could feel like I was the one who can control the game systems for my own need.


The adventure was developed when I find secret key and weapon to get into next stage room. And I had to defeat gatekeeper dragon so as to step into next ACT.  To build up my character as strong as to fight the dragon, I had to undergo a number of random battle which made me exhausted.  Moreover, it became harder and harder to perform the skill because during the battle, the skill window was so small and narrow. I had to find out my needed skills one by one.

Eventually, I could proceed till ACT III and it was my limit. I can’t take over the tiring random progress anymore. But during the game, I enjoyed it so much because I could raise the character more powerful with the skills and stats, I had to come up with strategy to spend my halloween money as worthy as possible. I will try out more RPG games and rank them with my own experience.

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