Revenge of The Kid

I played a action shooter game <Revenge of The kid>

This game has really nice graphic and interesting story in it.

Cute cowboy of the gang was betrayed by his gang members and

was made a scapegoat. He’s been on the run and now he’s going to make a revenge to the betrayers.

Just like Finn&Bones which I played the last time, it has a well-decorated map in the game world. This map made me motivated to progress to the next level on the map.

One thing I found out in this game is it has really similar playing method with famous shooting game ‘angry bird🐦💢’

First, it was really straightforward to shoot the target, but more the level has been progressed, more I had to take aim really  carefully.

Even some items like button, dynamite, wheel were used to make the barriers open or kill the enemy.Sometimes the bullet bounced off through the button  so I had to calculate really carefully.  It is just same as angry bird, but the difference is ‘the target can kill me too’. At the same time, multiple enemies also take aim to me so I have to kill them as soon and accurate as possible.

When several levels are completed, I get reward by new weapons.

One thing I’m dissatisfied is the change of the weapons was so inconvenient. Only control I could use is a single mouse click. It has nothing to do with the length of the click, nor number of the click. I can take aim to the target with mouse pointing, and shoot with a click. That’s all.

It’s also same with the change of the weapon. I have to change it with a single click at the same time I am shot to death if it takes a long time. It was so annoying. I wished if the multi-tasking in this game is possible. It decreases the efficiency.

When I complete the whole rounds of each stage , I’ve encountered the VS. DUEL with the boss. It was nothing but to shoot each other in the right timing just like the gun fight of wild cowboys in Western dessert. I have to click to shoot when ‘fire’ sign is on. At the first time, I shivered a little bit so missed the timing or shot too early, but soon I caught the flow.


This game was pretty simple and moderately made me concentrated and calculating. Nevertheless the change of the weapon was quite annoying, I liked the every different usage of weapon. And I liked the theme too. The graphics are so cute and also the environment is well-decorated.


I played Finn&Bones.

Since I’m working on my TKQ which focuses on ‘Game Narrative’ and ‘Game Remediation’, I closely watched the cut-scene of this game. As you can see with the graphic and title, this game is based on the animation ‘Adventure Time’. In this game, the motivation of this adventure is kidnap of Jake by the death.

So our Finn start the adventure of underworld to rescue him, fighting against numerous types of bone soldiers. Through the game, Finn gains his XP when he finishes each stage and level-up. There are four types of game stats : Strength, Attack power, Luck, Shield.

Also he is rewarded by three random items with every stage clear. The rewards are usually elixir, ring, necklace, mustache things which can develop the specific stats. Also he can get arms such as sword, shield, and elements like fire and ice. The special part of this game is Alchemy, the composition of the items. Stat-given items such as elixir and rings can be attached to every weapons or other items. They gain special power. This aspect makes this game so attractive and addictive. It infatuates me so much. I kept trying to make more efficient weapon and items.

Even when the elements like ice and fire are composed with weapons, the weapon get the characteristic of that element which makes more powerful, especially when Finn met Fire Guard, the ice sword gains elemental benefits with attack, vice versa.

According to the level of Finn, the weapon gets better and better.

So I struggle to upgrade the weapons with better stat by constant composition. I was felt so rewarded with this process. It was my motivation to keep me playing. When Finn was not strong enough to defeat the enemy, I had to go over the past stage to get more XPs so as to get level up. Even I wanted to go over the past stage in order to get more items for composition.

So I would say this game has so many attractive points!

The Final bad guy is dead!

This is the end of the story : Finn succeed to reach kidnapped Jake, but Jake has fallen love with the kidnapper, the death.  What a twist~! How vain..

Eventually I was really impressed with this animation-game remediation.

As I mentioned, I’m working on my TKQ which deals with that topic. I’m impressed with the nice graphic, vivid description, well-decorated narrative, and the atmosphere & theme! I liked it in every way. And also the alchemy and reward were making me so absorbed. I highly appreciate this!

Lost In Nowhere Land 5

I played Lost in Nowehere Land 5

This was also escape game as usual.

I thought this also has low-quality graphic so it would be less-attractive to make players immersed, but it was not.

It was so great enough to make me fall into it.

Overcoming unpretty game graphic, there were numerous puzzles and games inside this little game! I was so immersed into it that I spent my whole 80minutes straight.

I was so eager to figure out the puzzle by myself because it was not that hard but also not that easy. I think that level of difficulty is so adequate for escape game.

Previous escape  ‘Midnight spooks’ was too easy, and ‘The cave’ was too complicated. And this one is the middle and the best in my opinion.

There were three big places, and from the second place was hidden behind this cave.

When I solve the puzzle and hand the man a sphere, he pulled the rope to open the cave. And the cave was connected to the second place.

For me, some puzzles were quite tricky but I was so proud of my self that I solved just by myself.

Soon I started to use multi tabs to solve the puzzle more efficiently.

I put all the clues in my powerpoint screen, and didn’t have to go back to check out the exact clue or hint. I used it as my own second inventory.

When I got stuck for more than 30 minutes, I can’t help watching the walkthrough video.. And finally I got that because I didn’t even know the third place is available. That’s why. Also sometimes, I found it so surprising that some sort of buttons or levers were working in the way that I couldn’t imagine. Maybe I was lack of creativity. I should have try in more various and creative ways.

This one was the hardest puzzle because at first, it just showed up the ‘3517426’. So I had to figure out the right order of those 7 alphabets, but it never worked!!(First I matched with A-Z order) And finally the matching characters are also shown up so that I could solve the lock at last!!!!


This was my final moment of opening the lock,and finally I could escape from the island!!!! At the end, they gave me a score. I don’t know this is whether good or bad, but I felt so worthy with this game 🙂

Midnight Spooks

This week, I played Midnight Spooks.

As you can see with the title, it’s spooky horror game, basically.

But the game graphic didn’t help the spooky atmosphere as the game originally meant to be.

The final goal of this game is to open the chest and give a picture that the captain has obtained to that guy on the right.

But it lacks motivation for me, because the picture doesn’t seem that attractive, but the guy was so desperate.  I undertook the  though I didn’t feel like doing it. What else can I do? I’m a player now! 

So I ransacked the place and gathered some useful items to open the locked chest.  It was not that difficult as the mystery/detective game that I played the other day – ‘The Cave’

Sometimes I need to solve the number-puzzle lock.

But it was not that complicated. I could unlock it within just 3 minutes.

And another kind of hint and the way to unlock is just like this.

It was quite easy to infer.

In vain, after solving a few puzzles, I could finally open the chest.

And that was the end. I couldn’t believe that it would end so fast like this.

I thought there would be another level, but it was not.


General Critique : In the game, puzzle and hide-and-seek were quite straightforward that even I could get it so easily. I’m usually really bad at solving this kind of tasks, but I made it so quickly. It means this game is not that well-made escape game. But I think there should be some games which need more improvement. And in my opinion, the worst mistake of this game is the drawing style. It is NOT spooky AT ALL. In comparison, the game that I mentioned above, ‘The Cave’ has really well-portrayed spooky, creepy graphic and also atmosphere within the whole game theme. If you develop a game which has a certain theme or atmosphere, you would concern about the way it is viewed.