Lost In Nowhere Land 5

I played Lost in Nowehere Land 5

This was also escape game as usual.

I thought this also has low-quality graphic so it would be less-attractive to make players immersed, but it was not.

It was so great enough to make me fall into it.

Overcoming unpretty game graphic, there were numerous puzzles and games inside this little game! I was so immersed into it that I spent my whole 80minutes straight.

I was so eager to figure out the puzzle by myself because it was not that hard but also not that easy. I think that level of difficulty is so adequate for escape game.

Previous escape  ‘Midnight spooks’ was too easy, and ‘The cave’ was too complicated. And this one is the middle and the best in my opinion.

There were three big places, and from the second place was hidden behind this cave.

When I solve the puzzle and hand the man a sphere, he pulled the rope to open the cave. And the cave was connected to the second place.

For me, some puzzles were quite tricky but I was so proud of my self that I solved just by myself.

Soon I started to use multi tabs to solve the puzzle more efficiently.

I put all the clues in my powerpoint screen, and didn’t have to go back to check out the exact clue or hint. I used it as my own second inventory.

When I got stuck for more than 30 minutes, I can’t help watching the walkthrough video.. And finally I got that because I didn’t even know the third place is available. That’s why. Also sometimes, I found it so surprising that some sort of buttons or levers were working in the way that I couldn’t imagine. Maybe I was lack of creativity. I should have try in more various and creative ways.

This one was the hardest puzzle because at first, it just showed up the ‘3517426’. So I had to figure out the right order of those 7 alphabets, but it never worked!!(First I matched with A-Z order) And finally the matching characters are also shown up so that I could solve the lock at last!!!!


This was my final moment of opening the lock,and finally I could escape from the island!!!! At the end, they gave me a score. I don’t know this is whether good or bad, but I felt so worthy with this game 🙂

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