I played Finn&Bones.

Since I’m working on my TKQ which focuses on ‘Game Narrative’ and ‘Game Remediation’, I closely watched the cut-scene of this game. As you can see with the graphic and title, this game is based on the animation ‘Adventure Time’. In this game, the motivation of this adventure is kidnap of Jake by the death.

So our Finn start the adventure of underworld to rescue him, fighting against numerous types of bone soldiers. Through the game, Finn gains his XP when he finishes each stage and level-up. There are four types of game stats : Strength, Attack power, Luck, Shield.

Also he is rewarded by three random items with every stage clear. The rewards are usually elixir, ring, necklace, mustache things which can develop the specific stats. Also he can get arms such as sword, shield, and elements like fire and ice. The special part of this game is Alchemy, the composition of the items. Stat-given items such as elixir and rings can be attached to every weapons or other items. They gain special power. This aspect makes this game so attractive and addictive. It infatuates me so much. I kept trying to make more efficient weapon and items.

Even when the elements like ice and fire are composed with weapons, the weapon get the characteristic of that element which makes more powerful, especially when Finn met Fire Guard, the ice sword gains elemental benefits with attack, vice versa.

According to the level of Finn, the weapon gets better and better.

So I struggle to upgrade the weapons with better stat by constant composition. I was felt so rewarded with this process. It was my motivation to keep me playing. When Finn was not strong enough to defeat the enemy, I had to go over the past stage to get more XPs so as to get level up. Even I wanted to go over the past stage in order to get more items for composition.

So I would say this game has so many attractive points!

The Final bad guy is dead!

This is the end of the story : Finn succeed to reach kidnapped Jake, but Jake has fallen love with the kidnapper, the death.  What a twist~! How vain..

Eventually I was really impressed with this animation-game remediation.

As I mentioned, I’m working on my TKQ which deals with that topic. I’m impressed with the nice graphic, vivid description, well-decorated narrative, and the atmosphere & theme! I liked it in every way. And also the alchemy and reward were making me so absorbed. I highly appreciate this!

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