Revenge of The Kid

I played a action shooter game <Revenge of The kid>

This game has really nice graphic and interesting story in it.

Cute cowboy of the gang was betrayed by his gang members and

was made a scapegoat. He’s been on the run and now he’s going to make a revenge to the betrayers.

Just like Finn&Bones which I played the last time, it has a well-decorated map in the game world. This map made me motivated to progress to the next level on the map.

One thing I found out in this game is it has really similar playing method with famous shooting game ‘angry bird🐦💢’

First, it was really straightforward to shoot the target, but more the level has been progressed, more I had to take aim really  carefully.

Even some items like button, dynamite, wheel were used to make the barriers open or kill the enemy.Sometimes the bullet bounced off through the button  so I had to calculate really carefully.  It is just same as angry bird, but the difference is ‘the target can kill me too’. At the same time, multiple enemies also take aim to me so I have to kill them as soon and accurate as possible.

When several levels are completed, I get reward by new weapons.

One thing I’m dissatisfied is the change of the weapons was so inconvenient. Only control I could use is a single mouse click. It has nothing to do with the length of the click, nor number of the click. I can take aim to the target with mouse pointing, and shoot with a click. That’s all.

It’s also same with the change of the weapon. I have to change it with a single click at the same time I am shot to death if it takes a long time. It was so annoying. I wished if the multi-tasking in this game is possible. It decreases the efficiency.

When I complete the whole rounds of each stage , I’ve encountered the VS. DUEL with the boss. It was nothing but to shoot each other in the right timing just like the gun fight of wild cowboys in Western dessert. I have to click to shoot when ‘fire’ sign is on. At the first time, I shivered a little bit so missed the timing or shot too early, but soon I caught the flow.


This game was pretty simple and moderately made me concentrated and calculating. Nevertheless the change of the weapon was quite annoying, I liked the every different usage of weapon. And I liked the theme too. The graphics are so cute and also the environment is well-decorated.

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