Through my learnings about different technologies that can be used in the classroom, I have come across “Kahoot!”. I have heard about it from my peers and as a cohort we had used it once in our intro to technology. Personally I thought it was a fun way to be quizzed and that “gamifying” things in the classroom can have a positive impact on the students learning. Learning through play can be an awesome tool to draw in your learners and spark interests.

I found a easy and quick to the point video on youtube of how to set up a Kahoot! account and how to make a quiz.


5 thoughts on “Kahoot!

  1. Kenz, I am super excited you decided to do your inquiry on technology. I have wanted to learn more about Kahoot for a while now, so the video tutorial was a great resource. It’s a great way to engage the students in the class and get them excited. Looking forward to hearing more about using technology in the classroom.
    -Breanna 🙂

  2. Kenzie,
    I thought that this was a very informative post. After watching your video I feel as thoughI could use Kahoot in my practicum class this upcoming week. I like how you mentioned it gives you the ability to “gamify” lessons in the classroom. I think this is an extremely positive resource that could help capture student engagement especially as the hook to a new topic. It would also be a great way to review content as it adds that competitive fun aspect to a topic that has already been covered. I appreciate this post as it is directly applicable to my teaching practice. I look forward to learning more about your topic as this is an area in which I am not extremely comfortable with yet.

  3. I really enjoy this topic because I too have not had any experience with Kahoot before. I also agree that it is a great way to check each students understanding of whatever they are learning. It is always a good idea to change up how the students are expressing what they’ve learned instead of the generic assignments or tests. One question that I have for this topic is how would this be for an ELL student or a student who is not yet very comfortable with english.

  4. First of all, your blog is so cute! Kahoot is such a fun way for students to practice! I can see how it could be used as a quick review to refresh students on a topic that they may have worked on a while ago or how it could help students before some kind of test by giving an idea of what kind of information will be on it. We played Jeopardy in a class before to review before the exam and see what the questions might look like and I remember that it was so fun and gave a good idea about the things I needed to study more, this seems like a similar idea!

  5. Hi Kenz!!!

    I used Kahoot in my grade 3/4 class after I read the students my “All About Me” book! It was an absolute hit, the kids loved it. I definitely am going to continue using this game. It is an awesome way to review topics in a super fun format! My sponsor teacher was also really pleased to see this game, and she wants to add it in to her own lessons here and there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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