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This week I decided to look into assessment and communication to parents/guardians through technology. In my investigation I discovered something I had never heard of before, which is exciting for me. I think most of us have heard about Fresh Grade in our classrooms but I had never heard of Seesaw.

Fresh Grade and Seesaw are both FREE. They are forms of assessment and communication online. They are both informative and make it easy for students to share their work and make a personalized e-portfolio.

Seesaw is another form of communication and sharing students work through the internet. It has more features than Fresh Grade and it is easier to use for younger students. It is also easy for teachers to control who is seeing what and what is shared. It can be used through Chromebook, iOS, Android, and though the web.

Fresh Grades bonus is that it has an online grade tool. It can be used to formatively assess students and share with parents online. It is a little more complicated, but still has some features, just not as much as Seesaw. It can also only be used through iOS and through the web.

I am very excited to have learned more about these two applications and I look forward to implementing them in the classroom. I am very happy with the way communication and the sharing of students work is going. I think it is very important to be in touch with parents/guardians and to be able to share the students work with them. I think that adults have a huge influence on the children and if they are kept in the loop with the students schooling the better it will be.

Here is a link of a little youtube clip comparing and contrasting Seesaw and Fresh Grade.


Here is a link of a tutorial on how to use Fresh Grade.




2 thoughts on “Seesaw vs. Fresh Grade

  1. Hi Kenz!

    I was lucky enough to have a lot of experience with FreshGrade in my classroom last year. It was an awesome way for the parents to see into the classroom and what their children were doing in school. Every couple of weeks, my teacher would bring the iPads into the classroom and the students would take pictures and some videos of what they had recently completed, or what they were working on. They would add comments onto their photos to explain what the assignment was. I found that it was a great way to keep students in the loop, and the students seemed to love doing it as well! I think it motivated them to do a really good job on assignments because they knew that they would be sharing it with their parents or guardians!
    I haven’t heard of SeeSaw but it sounds like a great resource as well.


  2. I have never heard of Seesaw! I had some pretty in depth experience with Fresh Grade last year in grade 7. It was used for communication to parents as well as students and most of the students assessment was reported through it as well. It was really cool to be able to upload videos of student work or photographs, and easily report to students their grades and how they can improve them. I am planning on introducing some type of tech to communicate through in my classroom but depending on the age I may not need the assessment portion so it is great to see there is a simpler option in Seesaw. I will definitely look into that! Thanks

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