Fun New Ways

I think that learning through play is very important for students. It motivates them to learn. 

Like anything that is new, technology can be scary. I personally find some technology hard and it can be intimidating learning something new and changing our practice. I usually still write hand notes and love making things by hand. Last year I was very intimidated to make our e-portfolio, but after being educated about the program and some instruction on how to navigate the website, I actually really enjoyed making my Weebly. I have also really been into making iMovies with my video footage I have been taking on outdoor adventures. I think that once technology is introduced and properly explained then it is not as intimidating as we think. 

I think there are many ways that we can incorporate technology in our classrooms but I think that taking baby steps will be important and start with easier ways.

Here are some ways we can implement technology in our classrooms (of course we have limited access to some devices):

Delivering Content 

  1. Run a virtual field trip 
  2. Preview field trips virtually
  3. Too noisy (a digital noise metre)
  4. Use videos for mini lessons (teachertube)
  5. Coordinate live videos 
  6. Play podcasts
  7. Add multimedia elements to presentations (images, graphs, pictographs, sound effects, etc.)
  8. Send adaptive content
  9. Share an online class calendar 

Helping Students Process Content

  1. Use virtual manipulatives
  2. Run learning stations
  3. Provide online activities for students who complete work early 
  4. Save time for exit tickets
  5. use twitter hashtags to take questions 
  6. Study, review and critique content on web pages
  7. Use online mind maps for class brainstorms 
  8. Gather student feedback (Socrative, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey)

Allow students of create products 

  1. Launching a wiki page for a collaborative assignment 
  2. Set up student blogs 
  3. Offer open-ended projects
  4. Use online sign-ups
  5. Base assignment on technology-focused subjects

Offer a unique learning experience 

  1. Introduce a game-based learning platform 
  2. play simulations 
  3. participate in a web quest 

This website was very informative on the ideas I have listed above. I would highly suggest checking it out if you’re interested in implementing fun new ways of technology in your classroom.


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