Chemistry Apps (for the ipad)

My old laptop, which got me through grad school, is on its last legs. It appears after 7 years, numerous scientific publications and 436 pages of doctoral thesis it has finally bit the dust. It is slow, taking several minutes just to turn on. It overheats, recently so badly that part of the screen is turning black. So I finally caved, and purchased a shiny new ipad to fill the void of home web-surfing and minor document and powerpoint editing needs. 

First impressions are that it can almost do everything my antiquated laptop did, but it does it in an awkward way in many cases.

To perform word processing I purchased Pages (by apple) and for powerpoint editing I purchased Keynote. Both of these apps are capable of creating their respective document types, and saving as microsoft compatible .doc and .ppt formats. However, many familiar fonts are not available, and saving to shared places like dropbox is awkward at best.

I will continue searching for better work-arounds, and also to expand my chemistry app resources. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! Reviews of any products tested will be posted when available.

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