Open Education Resources for Chemistry

There are a lot of open education resources out there, but sometimes it is difficult to find decent quality ones at the post-secondary level for chemistry.  Here I will post links to some of the better places I have found for these resources, feel free to add some more that I may have missed in the comments.


UC Irvine Open Courseware (entire courses lecture videos available):

Merlot Chemistry Portal:

BC Campus Open Textbooks for Chemistry:

General chemistry virtual textbook (Stephen Lower, SFU):

Compound Interest (a blog which features creative commons licensed chemistry infographics etc.):

PhET online simulations: 

Itunes U has a wide variety of open education resources, including some for General and Organic Chemistry: 


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2 Responses to Open Education Resources for Chemistry

  1. Michael Paskevicius

    Hi Jessie,
    I will be adding these to our VIU OER referatory – Thanks for sharing the links.

  2. Great collection. Thanks for sharing, Jessie.

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