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Monthly Video Blog Progress Update

Hi Everyone,

Around 9 months ago I started to contribute monthly video blog posts, with the aim of showcasing interesting aspects of Chemistry, or highlighting the chemistry of phenomena from everyday life. I thought this would be a great way to increase scientific and chemical literacy, and the Chemical Institute of Canada  (http://www.cheminst.ca/) seemed to agree as they funded the purchase of my screen capture software (Camtasia Studio 8). It hasn’t always been easy finding the time to research and make these videos with a full teaching load, and service on several committees/councils at VIU, but I have produced 8 videos so far, one for every month except December 2014 (due to final exams and the holiday break).  To date the 8 videos have been viewed over 1300 times total, and one is incorporated into the open textbook: Introductory Chemistry – 1st Canadian Edition (http://opentextbc.ca/introductorychemistry/). As a product of a smaller university, that has received no funding beyond the initial software purchase, no direct advertising, and is not seeking ad revenue by being listed on YouTube: I am counting this as a win.

Four more videos to go until the year-long project comes to completion!

– Jessie