LSAT Preparation Advice from VIU Law Network Members


A VIU Law Network member recently asked for help from other members in preparing for his LSAT. What an amazing membership we have! Several members responded, providing information and support.

I thought it might be useful to summarize the responses, for other members who may have similar questions.

1. Recommendation for LSAT study guides (I’ve included publisher links where I could find them):

  • Several members recommended the PowerScore books.
  • Two other suggestions were Kaplan & the Barron’s Guide (available on The latter was recommended by a member currently preparing for her LSAT as well. She also noted that she used the Barron Guide for her SAT prep and received an excellent score on that test.
  • Members also recommended practicing with the LSAC’s own old LSAT exams.
  • The following blog was recommended by one member, who said it has “video guides for the practice tests and tips for the various sections.”

2. How to prepare:

  • Several members said the key is to practice.
  • The LSAT books (above) are a good start.
  • Finishing the practice period with actual previous LSAT exams and writing “them in the time frames allowed and the 4 sections back to back just like at the real exam” is an excellent idea. I did that myself and have heard from a lot of others that they finished up their preparation period with this approach.

3. Further help:

  • One member shared a resource she has heard about, Oxford Seminars in Victoria, and suggests they may also have connections to tutors.
  • LSAT preparation sessions are also available on the VIU Nanaimo campus. The VIU Network has each term for a number of years. This year, there is a “Let’s Talk Law” Club on campus. That group is planning to include LSAT prep sessions. Look them up on Facebook.

I hope that’s helpful for those of you preparing for your LSAT. We wish you all the best!