A Time for Reflection

Picture Today I realized something, when driving alone in my car (listening to CBC for those who wonder) and I had a bit of an epiphany. When I was going through my teacher training 15 odd years ago, I never reflected on how I teach or how I even learn. I had to develop a philosophy of education but I didn’t think any further.  I also realize that over the past year taking all the course for OLTD that I have spend a lot of time reflecting how students learn and how I teach.
When I thought back to my practicum days teaching Science in a high school I realized I only had ONE reflection on my teaching. Yet, that one moment has shaped who I am as a teacher. My practicum evaluator was concerned that wandered around to much all class. I was in constant motion. He was worried that I would not be able to sustain that. As I valued his opinion and advice I thought about that, and how I wanted to teach, for a couple of days. I realized that the energy and movement was important to me and how I wanted my class to be. It was important for me to be who I naturally am as a teacher in the class. I feel like a switch is being flipped on when I teach so I need to be true to that.
This moment of reflection has profoundly affected the way I am in the class. So why haven’t I reflected for the last decade and a half? I am not sure. I don’t remember being taught, or maybe I didn’t pay attention. I never thought about that moment and how it affected me. I am now though.

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