Action Plan!

Evidence: Action Plan

OLTD Learning Outcome:

  • To understand, design and commit to student success in online learning environments

Recently for OLTD 501, I prepared an action plan exploring an aspect of online education. I became fascinated with the question, what concepts and methodologies are important to have in distance learning for adult Aboriginal students returning to formal education? I believe that there is a need for community based Aboriginal Adult Basic Education (British Columbia, 2012).

This question directly relates to the Online Learning and Teaching Diploma learning outcome to understand, design and commit to student success in online learning environments. Thus in October 2013 I started to look at how online courses need to be created and structured for Aboriginal success.

I found that creating an action plan was helpful for summarizing all information in to one location. By summarizing the information, stating when and where it was found, and exploring future actions, it makes it much easier to develop a functional course or lesson for specific student needs. It is a constructionist approach to design.

Developing the question that the action plan answers forces a person to consider what is really important and necessary for learning. Thus is provides guidance to the educator. Feeling overwhelmed can be a problem when developing a course, by focusing on one issue, by dividing the course into relevant questions, it makes it more manageable.

British Columbia. (2012). Aboriginal post-secondary education and training policy framework and action plan: 2020 vision for the future. Victoria, B.C: Ministry of Advanced Education.

Click here to see Action Plan – open with Adobe

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