Digital Story Telling

Evidence: Lesson plan: Digital Storytelling using a Comic
Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop and design intentional learning activities suitable for the appropriate environment and the learner
  • Support the learning of classmates through discussion postings, blog comments, and social sharing activities
So many of the assignments that we create as teachers are static and full of words. There are many other ways to demonstrate learning. In today’s online world, one does not need to be a talented artist to create comics or cartoons. This assignment creates an alternate way to represent learning in the form of comics. The site is incredibly easy to use which makes it great for a variety of learners. The content of the comic can be quite broad or very focused with variable detail. Once created, the comics can be (and were) posted to a discussion area of the LMS. This allows other students to read and review the material. As each student sees the material in a unique way, it creates learning opportunities for their classmates.
Here is the assignment I gave to my class:
This is a Bonus Assignment. It is worth 10 marks. I recommend doing it, especially if you have missed an assignment in the past.I want you to create a comic about one aspect of the three systems being looked at for this class: Cardiovascular, Digestive, and Respiratory.This website: lets you create a comic, in a straightforward, easy way. Once you have completed the comic, click on next. The site does not save the comics, so I recommend that you email the comic to yourself, and to me (as a back-up). Then post the link that was emailed to you as a new thread. I will post them later, with your permission.Here is an example of one I made – It took about 15 minutes.
I also made a comic for a blog post about OLTD 505.

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