Recently I have been exploring on-line tools to simplify my digital life. One that I used is Diigo, a site which bookmarks journal articles. It can do a lot more than that, but for the moment, having an on-line space where I can bookmark journal articles & highlight relevant phrases is very convenient.

The neat aspect of Diigo is I don’t need to remember my flashdrive, I don’t have to print out a million pages, and I don’t have to use the same computer every time I need my bookmarks. It is much easier to remember one website than a whole bunch of them. My bookmark list on my personal computer can be overwhelming, I don’t really need to add journal articles to it.

Diigo acts like my cell phone in some ways. My cell keeps all the information I need in one space, Diigo keeps everything I think that I may need in one place. I know that for my OLTD classes, this site will be helpful. I suspect that in the future it will be a great help in my professional life as any interesting sites I wander upon I can have for future teaching opportunities

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