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Lately I have be interested in the field of Educational Development. My burning questions seems to be: What is an Educational Developer? What do they do? Is this a field that I am interested in pursuing?

Fortunately there is an 8 week, fully online course that I am taking to answer these questions.

This was the email I got:

Introduction to Educational Development – an international course for new and would be educational developers.

This fully online, free of charge, 8 week course has been devised to provide an introduction to educational development. What is it, who does it, what is like?

Educational development has been variously described as supporting faculty / academics to improve the student experience by using evidence based good practice in classrooms, lecture theatres and labs. But what is it like to be an educational developer? Might this suit you as a career? How do you get into the field?

How could I not sign-up? The first day is today, there seems to be a lot or reading, listening & discussing. Looks fabulous. Now I just need to convert Eastern Standard Time to my time zone for a meet up at the end of the week…

Here are two great blog posts about being an educational developer: Part 1 and Part 2


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