First Online Lesson in a Blended Class

Evidence: A lesson plan for the first online lesson in a blended class. This lesson focuses on building an online community, developing the skills needed in future lessons and a small portion of content.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate basic competency with design and implementation within a variety of LMS and non-LMS environments and tools
  • Develop and design intentional learning activities suitable for the appropriate environment and the learner

     It is very important when designing a lesson to understand who your learner is. I teach Adult Learners (aged 16+) with a range of technology competences. It can be quite difficult, at the beginning of a blended course, to meet the needs of a student who struggles with basic computer skills and a student who has worked extensively in D2L (Vancouver Island University’s learning management system).  This lesson lets the student move as quickly or slowly through the lesson as they need.
     Creating this lesson also allowed me to become more familiar with D2L and what it has to offer. I certainly feel more competent within the LMS as well as supplementing D2L with some non-LMS tools. Prior to this class, I felt very hesitant in venturing outside of D2L with student learning. I, personally, now have the tools to enhance the learning environment of the student.

Edited to add: The class(es) went really well. Much better than in the past! 


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