Korea – The Start of the Adventure

VIU Faculty, Students, & Soon-to-be Exchange Students

I am in South Korea as part of the Bahrom International Program. Every year faculty and students come to the Seoul Women’s University to participate in learning about Korea. Korean students from the university participate and then will spend a year abroad. There are students from all over the world (Canada, U.S., Russia, & Germany are the ones that I can remember).


DatelineLeaving Canada & my family was tough. It was beautiful in Nanaimo, not so much in Vancouver. The flight was long (11 hours). I watched 3 movies and could have seen four! At least I knew other people on the flight, 3 other faculty and 3 students. I arrived soooo tired!

my room
My room. Yup, I have bunk beds…


I have my own room (with 4 bunk beds & 4 desks) that leads out to a common area that four rooms share – I am sharing with the three other women from VIU: Claire Marshall, Sharon Kelly, & Heather Sanrud. There is one other professor here, Andrew Markley from Grove City College. To be honest, the first night is a bit of a blur.


faculty taking notes


We will be attending lectures & learning about Korean culture and visiting sites of cultural interest. I cannot wait!

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