LMS Jigsaw – part 2

WHAT A MORNING! I just finished participating in the D2L jigsaw activity. From 9:30amĀ  – 12 pm we had a fabulous (if long) time of learning all about D2L. I am classes with a fantastic group of educators. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to be taking this OLTD programme.This demonstratedĀ  how effective a collaborative learning exercise can be. I work with D2L with my classes at VIU so I had an advantage that I new quite a bit about the LMS before we started but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know! I learned a bunch of new ways of doing things on the platform that I am excited to try out in the new semester.

I do wonder though, what would this activity have been like if there was a student who chose not to participate? We would have missed out on one entire important aspect of the course. Still, I would have been responsible for learning less by myself so I still think a jigsaw activity is an advantageous way to learn. I am glad that I have participated in one online. I will have to think how to incorporate a jigsaw activity in to a blended class when we don’t meet asynchronously. I probably will have learning the components before class online, then doing the jigsaw during class, face-to-face.

Still – Thanks to all of my group. You made this enjoyable and FUN. I will say, it isn’t easy going last after everyone did such an impressive job!


Now it is time for tea

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