LMS jigsaw

PictureEvidence: Portion of video from a collaborate session where I am teaching about D2L release conditions in a jigsaw activity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be familiar with common terms, definitions and elements related to Learning Management Systems (LMS)¬†
  • Demonstrate basic competency with design and implementation within a variety of LMS and non-LMS environments and tools.
  • Develop practical and technical skills in all phases of concept, development, design, implementation

To learn a new LMS is very labour intensive. So for OLTD 504 Avi Luxenburg divided us in groups so we would only have to learn one small piece of the puzzle and could teach each other the system. An added benefit is if we are having difficulty with an aspect of the LMS we have an expert to go to! I was placed in to the group looking at D2L.

Through the Collaborate session where we taught each other aspect of D2L, we became familiar with the elements of the system and learned a variety of ways to use D2L to design an effective learning environment.

I have used D2L in my teaching before this activity. I was not, however, bored as I discovered there were many things that I was not aware  D2L could do! Now that I have participated in this jigsaw, I feel a lot more capable and competent to use D2L more effectively. As an added benefit I also got to participate in a jigsaw activity. I can see the value of collaborative learning and how effective it can be. I will try to create jigsaw learning opportunities for my students; it will be easier as I know more about D2L now.

Recording of the Collaborate session – My component only

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