Mind42 Resource Package

Evidence: Mind42 resource package with risk analysis

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop emergent expertise with at least one social media tool for education.
    • Develop 2-3 developmentally appropriate activities for tool.
    • Create content for student training to address tool use and management of risks
  • Develop and design intentional learning activities suitable for the appropriate environment and the learner


When asking students to use a digital tool it is important to not only analyze the tool with a few potential lessons in mind but to perform a risk assessment and policy alignment check of the tool. Once done, a student user agreement for students to sign outline all the information needs to be generated.

In my teaching practice, I really like to use mind-maps so students can see the key concepts and connections in a topic. Generally I ask students to create the mind-maps as part of their on-line class. One of the mind-map sites I like to use is Mind42.com. For this site I created a comprehensive resource package. As I teach adult learners, all information is aimed for that age group and no parental permission has been included.

Resource Package: Lewis_Lisa_oltd506_Resource Package_mind42

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