Summary of Learning

Evidence: A Video of my Summary of Learning

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with common terms, definitions, and elements related to Open Educational Resources (OERs) and, more generally, Open Education
  • Articulate one’s summary of learning in the course in a multimedia, online format
  • Share course-related learning with members of the course and greater educational community
  • Demonstrate basic competency with design and implementation within a variety of online learning environments and tools

This video summarize what I felt were the key concepts of the OLTD 505 course on Open Educational Resources with Alec Couros. The assignment was to create a multimedia, online summary of what was learned in the class. I chose to use create a PowerPoint presentation of a mind-map of what I felt were the key concepts. I used Active Presenter to add video clips and explain the concepts.

I had to be familiar with the common terms and elements of the OER’s and Open Education to be able to link concepts and ideas in my mind-map. I could then find common themes within the course. I shared my video on VIUtube and Google+ as well as on this blog so my cohort and other members of my educational community can see how I scaffold the knowledge of the class. I really appreciated being able to see how the rest of my cohort summarized their knowledge as it allowed me to connect knowledge in a way that I had not thought of before.

From a practical standpoint the creation of this video is a first step in preparing videos for my blended Biology class. I plan to create videos on a variety of topics to enhance the learning opportunities of my students. The online classes will be more personal and robust with the addition of targeted videos.

Here is a link to my Summary of Learning video: OLTD 505 Summary of Learning

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