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Are you a good presenter?





Making effective presentations is a learned skill,  and there are terrific tools and resources available today that make it easier to give great presentations and develop your presentation skills.

Mobile devices like tablets make it even easier,  although their flash limitations make the creation of digital content difficult.     Some experts recommend creating slide shows on a pc,  then using the mobile device to deliver them.

There are far more options than Powerpoint these days,  although it may take some time to learn them.   One of the easiest is  Google Presentation (via Google Drive).     For more dynamic presentations,  you can use Prezi or Haiku Deck.

Compare two different style of digital presentation — the first with Prezi    here

And the same content delivered more traditionally here






MBA English Support — Academic Integrity — APA Style Workshop 2

There will be a second workshop for new MBA students.    This is a follow-up from the first workshop and will be more hands-on,  with lots of practice and feedback.   There will also be some review of the points covered in the first workshop.       I look forward to see many of you then.

When:    Friday,  September 12th    12:00 – 1:30 P.M.

Where:  Building 250,  Room 205

Who:   Les Barclay conducting —  Semester A  —  MBA students attending

Why:   To help you master the standards of APA thereby avoiding plagiarism and adhering to standards of academic                               integrity.    To help you be successful and happy.






Writing Numbers


Numbers are extremely common in academic writing,  especially business writing.    Therefore,  it is important to abide by correct conventions in using them.    As it is,  there are different rules depending on whether your discipline follows APA,  MLA,  Harvard Referencing, or other formats.  Since VIU’s management faculty has adopted APA,   this blog post will cover the main rules according to APA.

According to APA,  write the numbers as words for one through nine.   For above nine, write out the number.


I ate one pickle    She ate four pickles.  He ate 10 pickles.  They ate 99 pickles.

However,  if a sentence begins with a number,  write out the number.

Ninety-nine pickles fell onto the floor.

For numbers in technical contexts  (i.e. dates, times,  addresses,  prices, statistics),  write out the numbers.

The jar of pickles cost $4.99.     He bought it on May 2, 2014.

Speaking numbers and listening to numbers are another matter for another blog post.

Look at the use of numbers in this letter: