BIOL 210


Course outline  & associated materials available at VIU learn (d2l)


 Calendar Description of the course: An introduction to the many disciplines associated with microbiology.  Topics include prokaryotic cell structure and function, growth of microorganisms, bacterial physiology and genetics, diversity of microbes in the environment and microbial ecology.

PREREQUISITES: In order to take this course you must have the following pre-requisites: Min. C- in all BIOL121, BIOL 122, or BIOL 123 BIOL 201, and CHEM 231 (BIOL 201 & CHEM 231 may be taken concurrently with this course)

BRIEF  COURSE CONTENT:(for details refer to course outline)

This course introduces you to the discipline of microbiology and its content is heavily focused in bacteria and the archaea.  In the first lectures we will be dealing with the scope and story of microbiology.  This will be follow by a study of the unique structural features of the bacterial cell.  Later we will concentrate in the requirements and characteristics of prokaryotic growth and the diversity of their metabolism, and we will finish with a brief introduction to the essentials of bacterial genetics. In the lab you will be trained in the basic techniques for handling bacteria and safely studying their characteristics.  The lecture material for the course is roughly divided into five sections.


Laboratory: (attendance to laboratory is compulsory) Please be aware that BIOL 210 laboratories are run on a weekly basis! lab Instructor: Dr. M. M. Hernandez

In the microbiology labs students learn the main skills need to handle and work with  bacteria in a safe manner. Techniques that you will learn include: Streak for isolation, sub-culturing into broth and solid media, Gram stain, biochemical test to identify bacteria and microscopic observation of stained and live bacteria.


Text Book and other materials needed:

1) Prescott, Harley, & Klein’s Microbiology  10th or 9th  Edition (REQUIRED) *some of the figures and page numbers will vary between the editions By Willey, Sherwood, and Woolwerton (available from bookstore)

2) A photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory 4th Edition (REQUIRED) by Leboffe & Pierce Morton Publishing (available from bookstore)

3) Biology 120 Microbiology I Laboratory Manual  (REQUIRED) by M. M. Hernandez available as pdf files to be downloaded from d2l site for the course

4) Additional material for the lab:Lab coat, a notebook dedicated exclusively to the lab activities, permanent marker (fine point), a roll of masking tape (REQUIRED)

A flashlight and a magnifying glass (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)



Lecture Evaluation, 40% of your mark: Two midterms @ 20% each, (exams will be written during lecture period)

Lab Evaluation 20% of your mark:  Practical and theoretical Lab Exam 15%  Unannounced quizzes, attendance and special assignments: 5 %

Final exam 40% of your mark: TBA comprehensive and includes lecture and lab material

There will be absolutely NO make up tests or extra credit work because you are not satisfied with your mark.  Student missing an exam must present proper documentation (e.g. doctor’s note, or other justification for compassionated reasons) and in most cases the value of the missing exam will added to the weight of the final exam.  Assistance and participation in lab activities is compulsory.

Lab exam will consist of “stations” set up around the laboratory.  At each station there will be a series of questions related to displays.  There is a time limit at each station (e.g. 5 minutes per station).  More details will be provided before the lab exam.

Students with a documented disability requiring academic accommodation and/or exam accommodation should contact Disability Services (Building 200), or call (250) 740 6416 as soon as possible.