BIOL 211



Gram stain of Staphylococcus sp (prepared and photographed by students of this course January 2001)


CALENDAR DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE: A continuation of BIOL 210, including immunology and microbial pathogenesis, medical microbiology and virology. This course is a lower level elective. However, if you planning to transfer to certain programs at UBC, or U Vic you will need to take this course.  PREREQUISITES: In order to take this course you must have the following pre-requisites: Min. C- in BIOL 210

SCOPE OF THE COURSE AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  The course content includes an overview of the molecular genetics of bacteria as well as a comparison with the equivalent mechanisms in eukaryotic organisms.  An general outlook of viruses, their replication and pathogenesis will be presented.  This will be followed by an overview of the immune system  and defense mechanisms of the human body and the artificial methods that human kind has developed to control the proliferation and spread of pathogenic microorganisms.  The course will also include a review of the microbial pathogenesis with emphasis in representative pathogens that affect different organ systems of the human body.


Laboratory: in the laboratory you will isolate and identify unknown bacteria, you will also learn to determine the antibiotic resistance profile of specific bacterial isolates and you will work on some molecular techniques such as transformation, plasmid DNA extraction and digestion of plasmid DNA with restriction endonucleases.

Mondays room 241(B370) The labs will run every other week starting the 1st week of classes  14:30-17:30 (Dr. M.M. Hernandez).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to complete some of the exercises for the laboratory part of the course, students will need to come to the laboratory outside scheduled lab hours to perform specific activities relate to some exercises.