BIOL 333

BIOL  333



THIS IS A 3 CREDIT COURSE and it will BE offered  Spring 2015 (this course iS offered in alternated years)



Minimum “C-” in all of the following courses: BIOL 201, BIOL 210, BIOL 212 and CHEM 232

You will be required to perform several of the laboratory activities outside the scheduled class hours. I will organize students groups for these activities based on their schedules and mine so that we can work together (this may involve additional 3 hours of non-officially scheduled lab time for several weeks of the semester)

Textbook:  M.W. Winfrey et al. Unravelling DNA, Molecular Biology for the Laboratory (1997) Prentice Hall ISBN 013270034-4  additional course material will be available at the d2l course site


Course Description:  This is an intensive laboratory course dealing with the methodology used in recombinant DNA technology.  The main project is to clone the genes responsible from bioluminescence (from the marine bacterium V. fisheri) into a laboratory strain of E. coli.  In order to achieve this, the  students in the course learn and use techniques such as genomic DNA and vector purification, restriction endonuclease analysis of bacterial genome, cloning with a plasmid vector, and related screening procedures. The students will be given an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to perform technical procedures independently, an to analyze experimental data obtained by these procedures.