BIOL 336


Offered every second year , A requisite for the Microbiology stream in the Biology degree at Vancouver Island  University

Calendar Description of the course:

The focus of this course is on fundamental aspects of genetics of prokaryotes with emphasis in bacteria.  The course includes  traditional aspects of bacterial genetics, as well as contemporary aspects of prokaryotic molecular biology. The students are expected to perform extensive literature research on assigned topics dealing with current research in bacterial genetics and perform a critical review of selected papers. Practical aspects of the course include the use of acquired knowledge to explain and interpret experimental observations, and design appropriately controlled experiments to test hypotheses. PREREQUISITES: In order to take this course you must have the following pre-requisites: Min. C- in all BIOL121, BIOL 122, BIOL 201, BIOL 200, BIOL 212, CHEM 231 and CHEM 231


SCOPE OF THE COURSE: This course is designed to cover basic aspects of the genetics of prokaryotes and their viruses with emphasis in bacteria.  The initial topics will deal with the nucleic acid metabolism and organization; this will be follow by a detailed study of gene expression and regulation in bacteria and archaea. The next section will include a discussion of the mechanisms available for bacteria to generate genetic diversity and the final section will include a discussion on the usage of bioinformatics and proteomics in prokaryotic genetics.   The contributions of bacterial genetics as a source of tools and techniques to the field of molecular biology will be discussed as well.