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Hey everyone, my topic for my posts is based on Growth Mindset, and fostering a positive atmosphere in classrooms. I have a grade 2/3 class, and from day 1 my sponsor teacher noted that the students may be below grade level learners. As the first week of practicum went by, I noticed something. The students in my classroom had really low confidence.  This really was an 'aha' moment for me, because I saw their bright ideas and the sparkle in their eyes when I talked with them, they just were stuck when it came to expressing them. My focus is going to be on different techniques we've learned in our time at VIU, and hopefully some things that are new to some of you :) We all remember the great video, The Power of Yet right? Well, that could be something you share with your kids! But let me backtrack a bit. I fullheartedly believe that the FIRST thing we need to do as teachers is building a safe classroom community. Students who may feel nervous to share their ideas could be telling us that the classroom community isn't as safe as it could be. How can we build safe classroom communities? It may be tricky to do this in a practicum classroom, but know that you are backed up by your supervisors, and the professors at VIU who embody this in our learning. Remember the set of classroom rules we came up with for Paige's class last year? That is something you could introduce into a classroom. Ask your sponsor teacher if you might be able to try something like that in the class. Getting students to co-create the list will give the best resource for kids to refer back to. Talking about what the kids want to see in a safe classroom will help build the classroom designed by them (with our guidance, of course). Something to take in mind is the school goal for the year. At Salmo Elementary, the school goal is literacy, but also self regulation. This will be a cool basis for me to go off of, because in building a safe classroom, my sponsor teacher, myself and the students will be able to talk about and work through challenges together. Stay tuned-more posts coming up! next up, building a safe classroom community!

Inspiring students in the classroom

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