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Growth Mindset… an introduction

our favourite term from 4th year, no?

obviously! and you know… I kind of groaned when I figured out that term applied to my kids. We had it drilled into our pre-service teacher brains last year, and now it comes full circle for me!

That aha moment took me by surprise, and even moreso when Growth Mindset came into the picture (thank you to Mary-Lynn who said the term in the hallway the other week!). I’m really excited though. My kids I can already tell will benefit from positive implementation of growth mindset work.

Here’s a video you may or may not have seen, it’s by Carole Dweck on TEDtalk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiiEeMN7vbQ. I encourage you to watch it, its about 9 minutes long.

Building that safe classroom environment is pretty key in helping students feel that they are good to express their ideas. But sometimes, I think knowing your students and what they can do/like to do is also important. This will help us see how they can best express themselves.

My class is boisterous, loud, energetic and very funny. I know I have my hands full. I really want to work on bringing them out of their shells and finding the things that help them express themselves. I want them to see that there are more to lessons than worksheets, that no- not everything needs to be perfect, and that yes- that was SUCH a great idea- let’s explore it more! I think honestly sometimes it takes being a positive influence/leader in their lives for them to hear they can totally do something, when they felt before they could not.

You know, fostering growth mindset is not easy. in fact, it still confuses me a bit. I want to bring in this article we were given last year in Paige’s class. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/12/how-praise-became-a-consolation-prize/510845/ 

What are some tools you’ve used to foster Growth Mindset in the classroom? What are some that you’ve seen been used effectively? Please do share them!

Next up: I really CAN’T DO IT! (yes.. you can!)

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