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Welcome to my experimental journey in blogging! I will be doing research and building resources towards my personal Inquiry as a beginning teacher – “How to Survive the First Two Weeks of the School Year.”

I plan to collect different ideas and strategies for how to set up a classroom for the beginning of the school year – the best ways to layout the classroom, management plans, strategies for creating a classroom community, relationship building and how to set up routines so your classroom can be well structured and promotes a sense of comfort.

So stay tuned, I hope to share with you regularly and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as we learn how to navigate the craziness that is the first month of school.

Ms. S

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  1. I think your topic is going to be so helpful! hopefully, within the next couple years after graduation, we will have the opportunity to have our very own classroom. when this time arrives I think that I will be very nervous/excited and it will hep to have a place to start and be aware of the things to consider while starting out!! I really like your topic and I look forward to reading more about it!!

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