Why is Self Regulation Important?

I decided to do my inquiry on self-regulating in the classroom because in my previous practicum I had a class with little or minimal  behavioral issues. Therefore I thought it would be important for me and my peers to understand why self-regulation is needed in the classroom,  and why it is a skill that is equally as important as academics. Personally, I have never had this issue nor have I ever noticed it while going to elementary school. However as I go on in this program I notice it become more apparent in the classrooms. So what is self-regulation is why is it so important in the classroom. Self-regulation is a learning process that helps students manage their emotions and behaviors in the classroom. I really stress the importance to teach students these skills in the primary level because it I think it can really benefit them and their classroom community. After watching this video, I thought back to myself, and realized that even some adults (and even in university) can not regulate their emotions properly in a classroom setting. Subsequently, I really do think that self-regulation can be a very difficult concept to grasp as a child.


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