LiD (Learning in Depth) Overview

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My inquiry is about a program called LiD (Learning in Depth). The purpose of LiD is to promote students to become experts about something in their school years. At the beginning of the year, students are given a topic that will be their own for the rest of the year. The website is the main website for this program.
As a teacher you can choose the topics (there is a list provided) but really it can be ANY topic. Last year, my class had some such as birds, fish, bears, whales, arthropods, and spiders! She focused more on wildlife/nature topics and she even had one for herself! You can have students choose their topic from a hat so it feels like that one is their “chosen” topic or you can assign them to the students. The following link has a topic list (
The students really became experts on their topic by the end of the year, I would see students making connections to their life outside school or books they were reading. I would hear students say “That’s my LiD topic!” or “That’s ______’s LiD topic!” The students knew each other’s LiD topics by heart by the end of the year.
This post was meant as an introductory post to give you a sense of what my topic is, in future posts I will go over some activities, assessment strategies, and cross-curricular benefits to go with this program!


Welcome to my blog! My inquiry topic is a program called LiD (Learning in Depth). My sponsor teacher used it last year and I found it really interesting!