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My inquiry is about a program called LiD (Learning in Depth). The purpose of LiD is to promote students to become experts about something in their school years. At the beginning of the year, students are given a topic that will be their own for the rest of the year. The website is the main website for this program.
As a teacher you can choose the topics (there is a list provided) but really it can be ANY topic. Last year, my class had some such as birds, fish, bears, whales, arthropods, and spiders! She focused more on wildlife/nature topics and she even had one for herself! You can have students choose their topic from a hat so it feels like that one is their “chosen” topic or you can assign them to the students. The following link has a topic list (
The students really became experts on their topic by the end of the year, I would see students making connections to their life outside school or books they were reading. I would hear students say “That’s my LiD topic!” or “That’s ______’s LiD topic!” The students knew each other’s LiD topics by heart by the end of the year.
This post was meant as an introductory post to give you a sense of what my topic is, in future posts I will go over some activities, assessment strategies, and cross-curricular benefits to go with this program!

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  1. I really like you topic!! i think it is super cool and i can see myself practicing this. I think its great that students are able to take ownership of their own learning, they get to become experts and that it is inquiry based. Just curious of your thoughts, Do you think that it could personalize the learning more if teacher presented the assignment or idea, provided some examples from previous years, and amp up students a bit at the begging of year and then gave them a little more time to come up with their own topic rather than have them choose from a list or pull out of a hat? Just curious of your thoughts on that! I am really excited bout your topic and i really like how you said what your next posts will be. I will definitely keep up with your posts as I am very interested in your topic!

    1. Thanks Emily! Yes I definitely think that you can personalize it! I was just going off what my teacher did last year! I think letting them choose would give them the chance to choose something they are passionate about but I think it is important that everyone has a different topic!

  2. This program “Learning In Depth” sounds awesome and it is definitely something that I could see myself using in the future. I like how your teacher focused on nature and wildlife topics with your class that would be fascinating. I would have loved to see what students learned and shared with their classmates. I like how you mentioned students could pull their ideas out of a hat so they feel as though they have a ‘chosen’ topic. Like Emily mentioned above it would be nice to personalize it more for older grades but I am in kindergarten so I think that having to much freedom of choice would cause a little bit of chaos. I love your topic and look forward to reading about your next posts which are great next steps for implementing this program into my own classroom one day.


    1. Thanks Mikayla! I like the focus on nature topics too because it is so easy to connect it with their everyday life!

  3. Love this resource! Thanks so much for sharing! What a great strategy of getting students to pick topics out of the hat so it can still be a chosen topic but it also helps the students who need more guidance. What grades would you say this is applicable for? Is there a way that students can work at different paces to differentiate?

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